What do we do?

We help our customers realizing improvements within their organization, departments or teams.
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For whom?

We work for large as well as for small organizations in various sectors. We work in industrial – and in service-environments.
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How do we work?

We work very practical and with a high degree of involvement of our customers. Our team consists only of experienced consultants.
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Welcome at Waelbers Management Consulting

Waelbers Management Consulting is a multidisciplinary network of experienced consultants. We advice and support our customers with the realization of improvements within their organization/departments/teams. In our team we have people with all kinds of backgrounds: engineers, economists, psychologists, sociologists, … They all they share the same passion of helping our customers with their improvements. Our aim is to transfer knowledge and experience, so that the customer can continue on its own without further support.


We have a unique approach combining in-depth expertise with change expertise. All our interventions are based on proven methods. Improvement requires change and change is complex. Therefore, we put a strong emphasis on the involvement of our customer’s internal staff in our approach. A solution is only leading to results if it is accepted and carried by the employees.


A good solution is not sufficient. It should also be put into practice and this is where it often goes wrong. That is why we support our customers mostly in the realization. We help until the results are visible and